Beard Transplant

There are many reasons for hair loss, otherwise,  there are many methods to prevent hair loss such as hereditary male or female pattern baldness, hormonal changes, some diseases, some medical drugs, physical or emotional shocks and die

what is a beard transplant 

Hair is taken from one part of the body and implanted in the jawline, wherever you want to grow your beard. It is rather simple, but it is a complicated process.

beard transplant Techniques

FUE Technique

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a type of hair transplant done by extracting the healthy

and more durable hair follicles from the scalp parts where they grow and moving them to

another part where the hair’s thinner or absent.

The surgeon implants these follicles into previously opening channels or incisions in the

scalp. This technique results in no visible scarring when both extracting and transplanting.


DHI Technique

The DHI method differs from the FUE Technique It can be done without shaving the

skull, only the donor area will be trimmed for the extraction process . by the use of the Micro Motor Tool and secondly Implantation, with the Choi pens used to implant each graft directly without prior creation of canolas to control the angle of the direction of each graft.


Choi pens are more accurate they come in various sizes for a more natural look. Hair

density is calculated by counting the hair growing in each centimetre square on the scalp.

This technique also promotes faster healing times, which is minimal in comparison to any other technique.

How is the beard and moustache transplant operation done?

The doctor examines the patient to determine if he is suitable for the operation.

The doctor needs to see the natural growth of your beard so you should not shave before the examination.

Following your doctor’s instructions carefully will get you the best results.


The surgical procedure for beard transplantation is similar to the surgical procedure for hair transplantation in terms of the techniques used.

The specialist surgeon determines the appropriate method.


The patient’s meticulous and careful following of the surgeon’s instructions gives him the opportunity to achieve the desired result of beard transplantation.


how much do beard transplants cost?

Prices vary from one patient to another, as the price depends on the technique used in hair transplantation, the number of follicles, and the doctor’s experience

are beard transplants permanent?

Yes. Once the hair transplant has been completed and growth has begun, the hair is permanent. 

Is beard transplant a good idea?

If you have healthy hair on the scalp, beard transplantation is possible, as it will highlight facial features and improve the person’s confidence

Do beard transplants hurt?

No, you will be under local anesthesia. After the operation, you will suffer from itching on the scalp for the first week, and this is normal after that, it will gradually fade away.